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How to monetize your websites and blogging activities? Before we get to the answer let’s have a glimpse of the digital world. 

The digital world is an undeniable existence and social media is one of the most effective and efficient marketing and business development channels according to contemporary marketing and business trends. The entrepreneurial wave around the globe since the last decade has given us many social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram along with many others. It would be very unrealistic to try to compete with them rather they should be utilized to grow their own business idea and earn financial benefits out of it. 

There are many sustainable ways to monetize your website and blog with the right tools and approaches. One must understand that they cannot start a social media-oriented sustainable earning in a blink of an eye. It requires complete dedication and knowledge of the right tools and technologies. With inadequate knowledge of web development and blogging platforms, one should not be very optimistic about the success of the venture. Before we even think of earning money we should design the right platform and inculcate the right audience engagement approach. 

We would like to break down the flow of monetizing your website and your blogging activities. 

  • Choose the right tool to develop your web or blogging platform Choose the right hosting services with no down time. 
  • Platform must be easy to use with less maintaining activities, more customizing options and statistical analytics.
  • The content of the web or blogging platform should be very engaging.  
  • Learn or hire right optimization services i.e. Search engine optimization (SEO) in order to have better visibility of your web or blogging platform.
  • Increase the traffic of the platform as large traffic means better probability of getting good business.
  • Learn to identify the right target audience according to your skill set along how to engage and approach them.

Once you have a presentable digital platform then you can start approaching other businesses or individuals to promote them on your platform with various financial models. 

  • Affiliated marketing is a swift method; you can identify the business offer promoting them on your web or blogging platform. An affiliated link is created on your platform and if any of your visitor or subscribe does the purchasing you get a set share of each sold product/services. 
  • Selling an advertisement space for a set time period is also a lean approach to have a steady income i.e. a banner of a business embedded on your website and your get the money on pay per click model.
  • Lead generation is also a technique to earn money you can list your visitors and subscribers and sell the lead to other businesses.
  • Reviewing products is also an appealing way to make money but it will require you have a greater traffic or audience.
  • You can always sell your own products and services.
  • Establish a high traffic platform with likely to be desired domain names and sell it. 

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