I will write an executive summary

by Akash B.

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1000 words for executive summary

I’ll craft a short and sweet executive summary of all your key points to get your audience flipping through your report for the supporting data they need!

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Are you frustrated by others not taking the time to read the full report you put your time and effort into writing?

An executive summary is critical in each report as it gives the reader a gist of the main points that they should be looking out for in the document. Furthermore, this brief overview needs to capture the attention of your reader to get them to continue reading.

I’ve written various executive summaries over the past 4 years for all my report submissions, so don’t hesitate to contact me and find out more. The genre doesn’t matter because the more interesting the topic is, the better! I get to learn and read while I write for you so it’s a win for me!

You could place an order so we can get started immediately or start a chat with me for more information. It would be a great pleasure working with you!

Thank you!


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