Develop A Constructive Research Strategy

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For this assignment, you must locate five scholarly publications within the business, information systems, technology, computational science, or any technical domain where constructive research is appropriate and where an artifact (e.g., algorithm, language, software tool, framework, or process) was proposed to address a need.

Analyze the proposed artifact in each study and write a report addressing each of the items below:

What were the specific objectives of the artifact, that is, the theory of what a “better” artifact would accomplish or might look like?
How does it address the problem? Identify at least two references that justify the artifact’s objectives in prior research, describe the justification, and assess their appropriateness to the study’s goals. How well do they correlate?
How are the artifact’s effectiveness, efficiency, and success/failure addressing the problem (i.e., accomplishing its objectives) measured and evaluated? Identify at least two additional academic references that support the use of the identified metrics and describe the reference’s relationship to the study under evaluation. Do you believe the identified metrics are appropriate? Justify your answer.
Can you describe the study’s results and its contribution to the body of knowledge? Why is it significant?
Length: 5-7 pages academic paper, not including title page and references

References: Include a minimum of 5 scholarly resources.

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