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Each of the project is different from one another however, we ask that you allow us 3 to 4 hours to found an expert writer related to your topic. The exception to this is if we are waiting for information or detail from you or have to clarifying things or data between you and a writer. So, it’s very important for us to try and get your requirements right first time, so there is no issue later.

For the purpose to check the status of your order including the date of delivery, you have to login to your Order panel and view your order for the latest updates.

You can place your order free of charge, that is not a problem. We only ask to charge 50% payment to be paid once a desired writer has been selected in order for the delivery period to start. ORDER NOW

The delivery period will start once a writer has been located and a payment of at least 50% has been received. The project work can then be given to an expert writer and the time of as delivery will then start

Yes, it includes the weekends, we are open seven days a week. With this in mind, weekends are included within the writer’s delivery period.

We encourage our clients to provide all the detailed information that is required before the work is started to ensure you’re completely satisfied with the final piece of work. The completed order can’t be released until the final payment has been received. Unfortunately, we aren’t able to provide a draft or plan of the work as we can’t release work in installments.

Yes, you can use the mixture of payment methods, all of our payment methods allow you to specify an amount before you fill in your details and complete your all of payments. You have an option to split the cost or amount in different methods of payment if you wish.

Please bear in mind that we cannot release any work until its full payment has been received as work has to be manually released.

If you have place your order with us and you would like to cancel it then you can contact us to request this straight away before we have assigned a writer to your order. For this you have to login into your control panel and send us a message by stating that you want to cancel the order and you should tell us the reason, if possible. If you have made a payment to your order, then we will refund this back to you.

If you are not happy or satisfied with the work then we have an advice that is, you send us a change request via your online account, so that we can able to rectify the issue for you. In this way you can’t clearly state your issue about writing that what you feel that the writer needs to change and then we would be able to take this information and accommodate you.

 In the case your homework does not meet the grade, we would advise that login to your online account and click on ‘Filled dispute’ next to the order.

If you would like to request a refund, then we would need to investigate this for you. You can request a refund at any time by logging into your order panel.

  1. Log in to your online system account.

  2. Find your order

  3. click the Filled  Dispute button.

  4. Select Reason

  5. Explain the problems with your work and why you believe you are entitled to a refund.

You can refer as many of your friends as you like after you have completed your first order. Get up to 15% discount for yourself and 10% discount for every friend you recommend to TUTORS HUT. Your Customer code is your referral code.

If you are trying to apply a coupon code to place your order but finding an error message, then don’t worry!

For this, simply place your order as normal and then contact us straight away and give use your code of a coupon. If your code is valid and applicable to your order the we will consider it on for you.

The offers we provide regarding marking and proofreading are subjective, this is the reason we choose standard marking criteria. We do advise that you provide us with a marking criteria from your university so the marker can see exactly what is required. This is so we can provide you with the most accurate grade

This is the most common question and to answer this “Can you help with”. There is a many different types of academic work that you might not think your significant request is covered by one of the service we have on TUTORS HUT.

PHD is a unique study, so we do not provide any sort of dissertation title service for this study. This is only because you need to recognize an area that has not yet been checked and studied. We can help you out with the thesis itself once you have done.

The study of PHD is quite expensive than our other services because it takes a huge research and huge amount t of time with focus and it takes to conduct original research needed for the standard work of PHD.  We have to make sure that our writers are paid fairly for both their expertise, the research they need to conduct and the time it takes to complete the model answer.

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