The impact of the issue to the PESTEL to the local country?


Malaysian government highly motivates cloud and IoT development and deployment with all the support. Since 2015 Malaysian government has already developed a road map for betterment in various fields. Legal laws and legal requirements to start a legal business venture are very business oriented. The Malaysian government is promoting an entrepreneurial mindset in the nation (political & legal). Cloud IoT wit not only benefit stakeholders but in general, it will provide better economical growth. The data acquired by stakeholders in context to livestock numbers, yield, deceases, and other issues can greatly assist government and legislation bodies to develop better policies for the livestock industry (economical-political). IoT has some major conflicts with surveillance and civil rights in context to social norms of privacy. Animal well being in context to livestock industry is a social issue that involves stakeholders, government, animal rights activists, consumers, and animals themselves (social). As the technology is recently introduced in underdeveloped regions businesses and individuals are reluctant to adopt this technology. Big data/data analytics, privacy protection, Security Concerns, Identity Management/Access Control, Communication Technologies, and energy management issues are the most common technological issues (technology). If we indulge ourselves with scrap engineering and fuse it with cloud IoT it will greatly decrease environmental issues. This can provide us system with our own ecosystems inclusive of livestock breading to waste recycling. Waste recycling systems will decrease damage to the natural ecosystem (environment).     

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