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Digitization of business across the globe has been introduced to us with the 4th industrial revolution. This fourth industrial revolution is typically known as the digital age. The digital age has brought us unique technologies and tools to have a better approach towards globalization. IoT and Cloud are two of the major technologies filling many orthodox industrial rifts. A hybrid of cloud and IoT technologies can bring us new paradigms to successfully achieve the goals of globalization. Cloud IoT is an ambiguous technology but carries sustainable gains for many industries such as livestock management and monitoring. Malaysia is one of few underdeveloped regions which already have infrastructure feasible for IoT and cloud development. The Malaysian livestock industry is also rapidly growing. If we infuse cloud IoT in the livestock industry it will provide us with a better rate of return and sustainability. Furthermore, the incorporation of cloud IoT will greatly enhance the chances of global interest in the Malaysian livestock industry. The issue is to introduce the livestock industry with cloud and IoT in order to have better remote access of vicinities and better productivity. This fusion will highly stabilize the fluctuating consumption and production ratio.

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